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Pujahome Solah Somvar Udhyapan Puja Samagri Kit with Detailed Katha Book

Pujahome Solah Somvar Udhyapan Puja Samagri Kit with Detailed Katha Book

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Embark on a spiritually enriching journey with the "Pujahome Solah Somvar Udhyapan Puja Samagri Kit," thoughtfully crafted to guide you through the sacred Solah Somvar Vrat with ease and devotion. 

This comprehensive kit is specifically designed for devotees undertaking the Solah Somvar Udhyapan, a vrat (fasting ritual) dedicated to Lord Shiva, observed with great reverence for sixteen consecutive Mondays.

Ideal for both seasoned devotees and those new to this holy observance, our kit ensures you have everything required for a complete and authentic puja experience.

The kit is meticulously assembled with high-quality materials, each item selected for its significance and purity to ensure the sanctity of the ritual. It includes a range of essential puja items such as idols, incense, flowers, and other traditional materials, all sourced with respect to the ritual's profound spiritual significance. 

To enhance your understanding and engagement with the vrat, the kit also features a Detailed Katha Book. This invaluable resource provides comprehensive instructions, mantras, and the Solah Somvar Vrat Katha (story), guiding you through each step of the ritual with clarity and insight.

With the Pujahome Solah Somvar Udhyapan Puja Samagri Kit, immerse yourself in a spiritual experience that honors the revered tradition of Solah Somvar, fostering spiritual growth, and invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva. 

Whether you are observing this vrat for personal devotion, seeking blessings for prosperity and well-being, or continuing a cherished family tradition, this kit is your essential companion for a deeply fulfilling and reverent puja. 

  • All-Inclusive Kit: Contains all essential items for the Solah Somvar Udhyapan Puja, ensuring a complete and authentic ritual experience.
  • Detailed Katha Book: The kit includes a comprehensive Katha Book with instructions, mantras, and the vrat katha, making the ritual easy to follow for both beginners and experienced devotees.
  • High-Quality, Purified Materials: Each item in the kit is carefully chosen for its quality and purity, maintaining the sanctity of the vrat.
  • Ideal for All Devotees: Whether you're new to the Solah Somvar Vrat or a long-time practitioner, this kit caters to all levels of experience and devotion.

Solah Somvar Puja Kit Includes


16 Clove + Cardamom
16 Supari
Chandan .
Hawan Samagri
Pooja Batti
Shiv Darbar poster
Shiv Vrat Katha Book
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