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Pujahome Small White Moti Mala for God Idol (Pack Of 6 Mala)

Pujahome Small White Moti Mala for God Idol (Pack Of 6 Mala)

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Pujahome Small White Moti Mala, a set of beautiful garlands made with small white beads. These garlands are perfect for decorating your small god idols or figurines, adding a touch of charm to your home worship space. Here's why they're great for your prayers:

Pretty Design: Each garland is made with delicate white beads, giving your idols a classic and pure look.

Pack of 6: You get six garlands in one pack, so you can decorate several idols or share them during special occasions.

Easy to Use: These garlands are lightweight and easy to put on your idols or hang up for prayers.

Symbolizes Purity: The white beads represent purity and devotion, making your worship space feel sacred and peaceful.

Nice Decoration: Besides using them for prayers, these garlands also make your worship area look beautiful and serene.

Great for Celebrations: Whether it's a daily prayer or a special event like a festival or wedding, these garlands add a festive touch to your worship space.

Sturdy and Long-lasting: Made with good quality materials, these garlands are durable and will stay pretty even with regular use.

Make your prayers even more special with the Pujahome Small White Moti Mala. They're simple, elegant, and perfect for showing your devotion to your deities.
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