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Pujahome Small Multicolor Moti Mala for God Idol Small Murti Mala(Pack Of 6 Mala)

Pujahome Small Multicolor Moti Mala for God Idol Small Murti Mala(Pack Of 6 Mala)

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Pujahome Small Multicolor Moti Mala, a delightful set of garlands crafted to add a splash of color and joy to your sacred space. This pack contains six garlands, each adorned with small, vibrant beads, perfect for adorning your god idols, small murtis, or figurines. Here's why these malas are a wonderful addition to your spiritual practices:

Cheerful Design: Each garland is crafted with small, colorful beads, bringing a lively and festive vibe to your worship area.

Pack of 6: With six garlands in one pack, you have plenty to decorate multiple idols or to share with loved ones during religious celebrations.

Easy to Use: These garlands are lightweight and simple to drape around your idols or hang in your sacred space, making them perfect for daily prayers or special occasions.

Symbolizes Joy and Celebration: The bright colors symbolize happiness and celebration, infusing your worship space with positive energy and uplifted spirits.

Versatile Decor: In addition to their religious significance, these garlands also serve as charming decorations, adding a touch of color and beauty to your home altar or prayer corner.

Perfect for Festivals: Whether it's a daily prayer or a festive occasion, these colorful malas enhance the festive atmosphere and bring joy to your worship rituals.

Sturdy and Durable: Made with quality materials, these garlands are built to last, ensuring they remain vibrant and intact through repeated use.

Brighten up your spiritual practice and add a dose of color to your prayers with the Pujahome Small Multicolor Moti Mala. With their cheerful design and symbolic significance, they bring a sense of joy and celebration to your sacred space.
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