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Pujahome Saptdhan - 7 grains/seeds for Hawan, Sowing, Puja

Pujahome Saptdhan - 7 grains/seeds for Hawan, Sowing, Puja

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Pujahome Saptdhan, a sacred collection of seven grains and seeds meticulously curated for various spiritual practices like Hawan, Sowing, and Puja. Rooted in ancient traditions and imbued with symbolic significance, each grain and seed in this assortment holds profound spiritual meanings, making it an essential addition to your religious ceremonies and rituals.

Crafted with utmost care and reverence, Pujahome Saptdhan features a harmonious blend of seven auspicious grains and seeds, each chosen for its unique properties and significance in Hindu culture and spirituality. From the purity of rice to the fertility symbolized by wheat, from the grounding energy of barley to the nourishment embodied by lentils, each component plays a vital role in invoking blessings and divine favor.

The seven grains and seeds included in Pujahome Saptdhan are:

Rice (Dhaan): Symbolizing purity and prosperity, rice is considered sacred in Hindu rituals and ceremonies. It represents abundance and fertility, invoking blessings for a bountiful life.
Wheat (Gehun): As a symbol of sustenance and nourishment, wheat signifies prosperity and growth. It embodies the cycle of life, from planting to harvest, and is revered for its role in sustaining life.
Barley (Jau): Known for its grounding energy, barley is associated with stability and strength. It symbolizes resilience and endurance, offering protection and support in times of need.
Green Gram (Moong): With its vibrant green hue, green gram represents vitality and growth. It is a symbol of new beginnings and rejuvenation, fostering positivity and abundance.
Black Gram (Urad): Black gram is revered for its purifying properties, symbolizing purification and cleansing. It helps remove obstacles and negativity, promoting spiritual clarity and inner peace.
Lentils (Masoor): Lentils are associated with nourishment and abundance, symbolizing prosperity and fertility. They represent the cycle of life and the blessings of Mother Earth, fostering growth and abundance.
Sesame Seeds (Til): Sesame seeds are a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity. They are often used in rituals to invoke blessings and ward off evil influences, bringing good fortune and success.

Each grain and seed in Pujahome Saptdhan is carefully sourced and packaged to preserve its purity and spiritual essence. Whether used in sacred ceremonies like Hawan and Puja or sown with intention for a fruitful harvest, these seven grains and seeds carry the blessings of ancient traditions and the power of divine grace.

Embrace the spiritual significance of these sacred grains and seeds with Pujahome Saptdhan, and invite blessings, prosperity, and harmony into your life and surroundings.

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