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Pujahome Natural & Pure kumkum (Roli) & Halid for Puja and Tilak (Combo Haldi + Kumkum) Pack of 100grm x 2

Pujahome Natural & Pure kumkum (Roli) & Halid for Puja and Tilak (Combo Haldi + Kumkum) Pack of 100grm x 2

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Embrace the power of tradition with Pujahome's Natural & Pure Kumkum (Roli) & Halid Pack of 2. Specially crafted for your devotional and spiritual activities, this combo pack elevates the significance of Puja and Tilak (Shindoor) rituals. It is an essential addition to your religious ceremonies, bringing in a touch of authenticity and divinity.

Made with Pure Ingredients:

Experience purity in every pinch. Our Kumkum (Roli) & Halid are made from 100% natural ingredients, making them ideal for religious observances. Unlike other products in the market that contain synthetic dyes and chemicals, our offerings guarantee you purity and safety for skin application.

Versatile Uses:

Whether it's a Puja, a wedding ceremony, or daily worship, our Kumkum (Roli) & Halid can be used to make Tilak (Shindoor), an auspicious mark on the forehead that symbolizes protection and spirituality. The versatility of this pack makes it a perfect addition for various religious occasions.

Spiritual Significance:

Kumkum (Roli) is not just a cosmetic but a sacrament that has profound spiritual significance. The red Kumkum is considered auspicious and is a symbol of the Divine Feminine. Halid, also known as turmeric, is renowned for its purifying and healing properties, making it a perfect element for rituals and blessings.

100% Natural Ingredients: Our Pure Haldi Kumkum is made from natural sources, free from harmful chemicals and artificial colorants.

Authenticity Guaranteed: As Original Puja Roli, our product meets the highest standards of purity and spiritual significance.

Long-lasting Colors: The vibrant hues of our Haldi Kumkum don't fade, making them ideal for extended rituals and ceremonies.

Multi-Functional: Suitable for daily pujas, special occasions, and ceremonial markings on the forehead, offering versatility in usage.

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