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Pujahome Pink Hakik Mala/Pink Agate Mala (Size: 7mm, Beads: 108+1)

Pujahome Pink Hakik Mala/Pink Agate Mala (Size: 7mm, Beads: 108+1)

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Pujahome Pink Hakik Mala, a delicate and spiritually enriching accessory that beautifully combines traditional meditation practices with a touch of elegance. 

Also known as Pink Agate Mala or Pink Hakeek Mala, this exquisite piece features 108+1 carefully chosen pink agate beads, each 7mm in size, radiating a gentle, soothing energy. 

Pink Agate is celebrated for its nurturing qualities and its ability to foster love and compassion, making this mala an exceptional choice for those seeking emotional healing and balance. 

The Pujahome Pink Hakik Mala serves as a versatile tool for spiritual enhancement, perfect for Japa meditation, yoga practices, or as a heartfelt gift for a loved one. The soft pink tones of the beads offer a calming visual appeal, making it a chic accessory that can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. 

The mala is strung on a durable thread, ensuring that it is well-suited for daily use, and the elegant tassel adds a traditional, yet fashionable flair. 

This mala is not just a spiritual tool but also a symbol of self-love and emotional well-being, ideal for those looking to deepen their meditation practice, or to simply carry a piece of tranquility with them throughout their day.

  • Genuine Pink Agate Beads: The mala consists of 108+1 high-quality, 7mm pink agate beads, known for their calming properties and beautiful, serene color.
  • Ideal for Meditation and Emotional Healing: Perfect for Japa meditation, yoga, or as an emblem of love and compassion, enhancing emotional and spiritual practices.
  • Elegant and Durable Construction: Skillfully crafted with strong threading for resilience, complemented by a stylish tassel, making it suitable for both spiritual and fashion purposes.
  • Symbol of Love and Compassion: Pink Hakik is valued for its ability to encourage love, foster emotional balance, and support mental tranquility, making this mala a treasured addition to any spiritual or personal journey.
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