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Pujahome Original Ketu Yantra - 3.25x3.25 Inch - Vedic Astrological Remedy for Harmony & Prosperity

Pujahome Original Ketu Yantra - 3.25x3.25 Inch - Vedic Astrological Remedy for Harmony & Prosperity

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Discover the divine essence and spiritual significance with Pujahome's Original Ketu Yantra, intricately designed for those who seek astrological remedies and harmony in life. This 3.25x3.25 inch Yantra, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, is finished with a stunning gold polish, offering not only an aesthetic appeal but also a powerful spiritual tool. 


The Ketu Yantra is revered in Vedic astrology for its potent influence in balancing the effects of Ketu, the shadow planet known for its profound impact on human lives. By installing this Yantra in your home or workspace, you invite positive energy and vibrations, which help in overcoming obstacles and achieving a harmonious balance in life. 


Its compact size makes it perfect for placing on your altar, in your meditation space, or as a part of your daily worship routine. Embedded with ancient symbols and geometrical patterns, this Yantra is believed to radiate protective energy, shielding you from negative influences and fostering spiritual growth. 


The gold polish not only enhances its beauty but also serves as a conductor of spiritual energy, amplifying the Yantra's effectiveness. 


Whether you are a follower of Vedic astrology, a practitioner of spiritual rituals, or simply someone seeking peace and prosperity, Pujahome's Ketu Yantra is an ideal choice. It also makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones on special occasions. 

  • Authentic Design: Adheres to traditional Vedic guidelines, ensuring genuine spiritual benefits.
  • Gold Polished Finish: Enhances aesthetic appeal and acts as an energy conductor.
  • Compact and Versatile: Ideal size for home altars, meditation spaces, or as a decorative spiritual item.
  • Spiritual and Astrological Benefits: Aids in balancing Ketu's influences, promoting harmony, spiritual growth, and protection from negativity.
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