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Pujahome Original Akarshan Yantra - 3.25x3.25 Inch, Gold Polished, Spiritual and Vastu Enhancement Tool

Pujahome Original Akarshan Yantra - 3.25x3.25 Inch, Gold Polished, Spiritual and Vastu Enhancement Tool

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Discover the divine essence of Vastu and spirituality with Pujahome's Original Akarshan Yantra, meticulously crafted to bring balance, harmony, and positive energy into your living space. This exquisite Yantra, sized at 3.25x3.25 inches, is an epitome of spiritual elegance. Its gold-polished surface radiates a warm, inviting glow, perfect for any home or sacred space. The Akarshan Yantra is rooted in ancient Vedic traditions, designed to attract prosperity, peace, and success.


Each corner of this Yantra is infused with specific geometric patterns and symbols, resonating with cosmic energies. It serves as a focal point for meditation, helping you to connect with higher spiritual realms. The compact size makes it ideal for placement in your puja room, office, or living area, ensuring its auspicious presence is felt throughout your environment.


The Yantra is more than a decorative item; it's a spiritual tool that aids in concentration during prayers and meditations. Its design follows the principles of Vastu Shastra, promoting a balanced flow of energy and creating a harmonious environment.


This sacred Yantra comes in a protective packaging, ensuring its pristine condition upon arrival. It also makes a thoughtful and unique gift for loved ones on special occasions like Diwali, Navratri, or as a housewarming present. Embrace the spiritual journey with Pujahome's Original Akarshan Yantra.

  • Authentic Vedic Design: Crafted based on ancient Vedic principles, ideal for spiritual growth and Vastu enhancement.
  • Gold-Polished Elegance: The Yantra's gold-polished finish adds a touch of elegance and sacredness to your space.
  • Versatile Placement: Perfectly sized at 3.25x3.25 inches for placement in homes, offices, or sacred spaces.
  • Spiritual and Decorative: Serves as both a spiritual focal point for meditation and a beautiful decorative item.
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