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Pujahome Natural Turmeric Rosary Original Haldi Kanthi for Jaap & Wear 108+1 (8 mm Beads Mala) Haldi Mala for Jaap & Wear

Pujahome Natural Turmeric Rosary Original Haldi Kanthi for Jaap & Wear 108+1 (8 mm Beads Mala) Haldi Mala for Jaap & Wear

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Pujahome Natural Turmeric Rosary, also known as Haldi Kanthi, is a distinctive spiritual item, crafted to serve both as a tool for meditation (Jaap) and as a wearable accessory. 

This turmeric rosary, featuring 108+1 beads each of 8 mm, is made from natural haldi (turmeric), a substance deeply ingrained in various cultural and religious practices, particularly in Hinduism. The rosary's vibrant yellow hue and organic texture reflect its natural origin and traditional significance. 

Turmeric, known for its purity, healing properties, and auspiciousness, is often used in religious ceremonies and rituals in Indian culture. In the form of a rosary, it becomes a powerful tool for spiritual practitioners. Each bead in the Haldi Mala is carefully shaped from high-quality turmeric, ensuring both durability and a smooth finish, suitable for prolonged use during meditation or as a daily wearable item. 

The rosary is designed with 108 beads, a number of great spiritual significance in many Eastern traditions, symbolizing the universe's completeness. The extra bead, known as the 'guru bead' or 'sumeru', is used as a starting and ending point during meditation cycles. This thoughtful design aids in keeping count during Jaap - the meditative repetition of mantras or names of deities. 

Wearing the Haldi Mala can be seen as an act of devotion and a way to imbibe the purifying and protective qualities of turmeric. It's believed to bring peace, prosperity, and health to the wearer, making it more than just a religious accessory but a piece of spiritual armor. In addition to its spiritual benefits, the Haldi Mala is also appreciated for its aesthetic appeal. 

The warm yellow tones of the turmeric beads add a touch of natural elegance and can complement various attire, making it suitable for daily wear. 

  • Made with Natural Turmeric: Symbolizes purity and auspiciousness, and is reputed for its healing properties.
  • 108+1 Bead Design: Aligns with traditional counts for meditation and includes a 'guru bead' for starting and ending meditation cycles.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for Jaap meditation, daily wear, or as part of spiritual and religious practices.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The vibrant yellow hue of turmeric beads offers a unique and natural elegance.
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