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Pujahome Lal Chandan Mala / Red Sandalwood Mala - 108+1 Beads - Bead Size 8 MM

Pujahome Lal Chandan Mala / Red Sandalwood Mala - 108+1 Beads - Bead Size 8 MM

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Crafted meticulously and designed to exude divine spirituality, the Pujahome Lal Chandan Mala is an embodiment of serenity and devotion. Sandalwood, revered for its spiritual significance, has been intricately intertwined to create a mala that offers not just an accessory for prayer but a conduit of faith and a symbol of dedication.

 Each bead, sized at a uniform 8 MM, offers an ergonomic fit for a comfortable grip, ensuring an uninterrupted prayer session. Sourced from genuine Red Sandalwood trees, the beads emanate a subtle aromatic fragrance that lingers, invoking a sense of peace and tranquility during meditation and prayer rituals.

The traditional count of 108+1 beads stands as a testament to the age-old traditions of Hindu and Buddhist prayer rituals. Each bead invites you to dive deep into spirituality, ensuring that every chant resonates with clarity and purpose. The additional single bead, known as the 'sumeru,' signifies the beginning and end of one's spiritual journey, serving as a reminder of the eternal cyclical nature of life.

Hand-knotted with precision and love, the Pujahome Lal Chandan Mala is not just a piece of spiritual jewelry but a partner in your journey of faith. Whether you're a seasoned devotee or just beginning your spiritual quest, this mala stands as an emblem of hope, strength, and unwavering devotion.

  • Aromatic Essence: Made from authentic Red Sandalwood, the mala emits a calming aroma, heightening your senses and enhancing your meditation experience.
  • Ergonomic Design: Each bead, perfectly sized at 8 MM, ensures a comfortable grip, facilitating an uninterrupted and immersive prayer experience.
  • Traditionally Accurate: Comprising 108+1 beads, this mala remains true to the conventions of age-old spiritual practices, ensuring each chant carries profound significance.
  • Hand-knotted Precision: Skillfully tied to ensure durability, the Pujahome Lal Chandan Mala promises both longevity and a touch of artisanal craftsmanship in every bead.
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