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Pujahome Ekakshee/Ekakshi Nariyal/One Eye Coconut for Pooja Vastu & Fengshui (Pack of 2)

Pujahome Ekakshee/Ekakshi Nariyal/One Eye Coconut for Pooja Vastu & Fengshui (Pack of 2)

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Discover the mystical significance and spiritual power of the Pujahome Ekakshee Nariyal - a unique and rare offering for your pooja, vastu, and fengshui needs. This pack contains 2 Ekakshee Nariyals, also known as One Eye Coconuts, revered for their extraordinary energy and auspicious properties. 


These rare coconuts are associated with positive vibrations and are believed to bring prosperity, protection, and harmony into your life and living spaces. Each Ekakshee Nariyal in this pack is carefully selected, and their distinctive single eye symbolizes divine insight and focused energy. 


These coconuts are ideal for various spiritual rituals, pujas, and for enhancing the positive energy in your home. The Pujahome Ekakshee Nariyal Pack of 2 offers you a rare opportunity to harness the spiritual and mystical energies associated with these unique coconuts. 


Whether you use them for pooja, vastu, or fengshui purposes, these Ekakshee Nariyals can help you create an environment filled with positivity, protection, and prosperity. Embrace the spiritual significance of the single eye and invite its divine insights into your life and surroundings.

  • Pack of 2 Rare Ekakshee Nariyals: This pack contains 2 One Eye Coconuts, a symbol of unique energy and auspiciousness.
  • Spiritual Significance: Ekakshee Nariyals are believed to carry positive vibrations, bringing prosperity and protection into your life.
  • Unique Single Eye: Each coconut features a single eye, symbolizing divine insight and focused energy.
  • Enhance Your Space: Use these coconuts for pooja, vastu, and fengshui to infuse positive energy and harmony into your living spaces.
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