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Pujahome Office Opening Puja Samagri Kit (Pack of 24 Items)

Pujahome Office Opening Puja Samagri Kit (Pack of 24 Items)

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Embark on a successful journey with our Pujahome New Office Opening Puja Samagri Kit, meticulously curated to bring prosperity and positivity to your new workspace. This comprehensive pack of 24 essential items ensures you have everything needed to perform a traditional office inauguration ceremony with ease and reverence.

Crafted with utmost care, each item in this kit is of premium quality, ensuring a meaningful and impactful puja. From sacred herbs to divine idols, our kit covers every aspect of the ritual, allowing you to focus on the auspicious beginning of your new venture.

Whether you're setting up a small office or a large corporate space, our Puja Samagri Kit provides a hassle-free solution to all your puja needs. It's not just a collection of items; it's a symbol of prosperity, unity, and blessings for your business.

Order now and make your office inauguration ceremony memorable with our Pujahome New Office Opening Puja Samagri Kit!

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Puja Kit: Contains 24 essential items required for an office opening puja, ensuring a complete and authentic ritual.
  • Premium Quality: Each item is carefully selected for its quality, authenticity, and significance in traditional Hindu ceremonies.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for convenience, our kit simplifies the process of performing the puja, even for those unfamiliar with the rituals.
  • Auspicious Beginnings: Create a positive and harmonious atmosphere in your new workspace, attracting prosperity and success.
  • Thoughtfully Curated: Every item in the kit is thoughtfully chosen to align with traditional practices, ensuring a meaningful and spiritual experience.

Office Opening Puja Samagri

Kumkum Powder
Chandan Powder
Supari(Betel Nuts)
Haldi Powder
Akhand Jyot Batti
Dhoop Stick
Brass Diya
Brass Puja Bell
Bhog Thali
Ghee Wicks
Panch Mewa
Red Cloth
Match Box
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