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Pujahome Natural Rose Fragrance Sambrani Cups for Puja/Home (12 Cups Per Pack + Free Holder)

Pujahome Natural Rose Fragrance Sambrani Cups for Puja/Home (12 Cups Per Pack + Free Holder)

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Introducing Pujahome Natural Hawan Cups with Distinctive Aromas, a one-of-a-kind addition to your spiritual practices and home rituals. These hawan cups are meticulously crafted to bring purity and tradition to your Puja and living spaces, each infused with a unique and captivating fragrance. 

Each package includes 12 cups and a convenient holder, ensuring a seamless and sacred experience. These versatile cups serve various purposes, from enhancing your meditation sessions with Sambrani/Dhoop to purifying your space with Guggal/Loban offerings, all while enveloping your surroundings in their distinct and captivating aroma. 

Elevate your spiritual journey and infuse your home with these uniquely fragrant hawan cups. Whether it's for daily Puja routines or special occasions, these cups symbolize purity, tradition, and reverence, creating a sacred atmosphere enhanced by their distinct and captivating aromas. 

Transform every moment into a spiritually enriching and sensorially delightful experience with Pujahome Natural Hawan Cups with Distinctive Aromas.

  • Enchanting Rose Fragrance: Pujahome Natural Hawan Cups infuse your rituals with the delightful scent of roses, creating a soothing and aromatic atmosphere during puja or at home.
  • Mess-Free Convenience: Each pack includes 12 hawan cups along with a holder, simplifying your spiritual practices without the need for loose ingredients or messy preparations.
  • Versatile Application: These cups serve a dual purpose, suitable for both Sambrani/Dhoop and Guggal/Loban rituals, making them a versatile choice for various ceremonial needs.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted with natural ingredients, these hawan cups are designed to provide an authentic and high-quality experience, ensuring your prayers and meditation sessions are imbued with purity and serenity.
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