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Pujahome Long Twisted Akhand Jyot Cotton Wicks Batti | Cotton (Yellow)

Pujahome Long Twisted Akhand Jyot Cotton Wicks Batti | Cotton (Yellow)

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Experience the divine radiance of the Pujahome Twisted Akhand Jyot Batti, meticulously crafted to elevate your spiritual practices and illuminate your sacred space with its gentle glow. Specially designed for diya, mandir, and pooja oil lamps, each pack contains 12 wicks in a vibrant yellow hue, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness.

Embrace the tradition of akhand jyot with these long akhand jyot cotton wicks, meticulously crafted to ensure a continuous and steady flame throughout your rituals. Made from pure cotton, these wicks offer a clean and pure burn, free from additives or impurities, enhancing the sanctity of your spiritual endeavors.

The twisted design of these akhand jyot batti promotes even burning, providing a consistent flame that fosters an atmosphere of tranquility and devotion. Whether it's for daily poojas, meditation sessions, or festive celebrations like Navratri, these long-lasting wicks are your perfect companions, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of divine energy.

Versatile and easy to use, these cotton wicks are suitable for various sizes of diyas and lamps, allowing you to customize your spiritual space according to your preferences. Simply insert the wick into the diya or lamp, light it, and experience the transformative power of its gentle radiance.

With the Pujahome Twisted Akhand Jyot Batti, immerse yourself in the timeless tradition of akhand jyot, and let its luminous presence guide you on your spiritual journey. Illuminate your path with the pure light of devotion, and experience the profound blessings it brings to your life.
  • Twisted Akhand Jyot Batti: Innovative design for longer burning time and steady flame.
  • Special Long Akhand Jyot Cotton Wicks: Crafted for extended duration rituals and ceremonies.
  • Pack of 12 Wicks, Yellow: Conveniently packed for multiple uses, suitable for various occasions.
  • Size: 25-30 Inch Long Wicks: Ensures prolonged illumination and hassle-free maintenance during rituals.
  • Ideal for Diya Mandir Pooja Oil Lamp: Perfect for temple ceremonies, Diwali celebrations, Navratri, and other religious events.

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