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Pujahome Greh Pravesh Puja Samari Kit

Pujahome Greh Pravesh Puja Samari Kit

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Welcome prosperity and positive energies into your new home with the "Pujahome Greh Pravesh Puja Samagri Kit". Specially curated for the auspicious occasion of Greh Pravesh (housewarming ceremony), this kit is an essential for anyone looking to honor this significant milestone with traditional reverence and ritual. 

Whether you're stepping into your first home or moving to a new residence, this kit ensures that your Greh Pravesh Puja is performed with utmost sanctity and devotion. The kit is thoughtfully compiled with high-quality, purified items that are vital for performing the Greh Pravesh Puja according to Vedic traditions. 

Each item has been carefully selected for its role in the ritual, ensuring that your ceremony adheres to the age-old customs that have been passed down through generations. From sacred idols and holy water to incense, flowers, and other key puja materials, this kit brings together all the elements needed for a complete and authentic ceremony. 

In addition to the traditional puja items, the Pujahome Greh Pravesh Puja Samagri Kit comes with an easy-to-follow guide. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to conduct the Puja, making it accessible even for those who are new to these rituals. 

It's an invaluable resource for ensuring that every step of your housewarming ceremony is imbued with meaning and devotion.

  • High-Quality, Purified Materials: Each item in the kit is of the highest quality and has been sourced and purified to respect the sanctity of the ritual.
  • Comprehensive Puja Kit: Includes all essential items for conducting a traditional Greh Pravesh Puja, ensuring a complete and authentic ceremony.
  • User-Friendly Guide Included: The kit comes with a detailed guide, making the Puja accessible and easy to perform, even for those new to the tradition.
  • Ideal for Any New Home: Perfect for anyone moving into a new house, looking to celebrate and bless their new beginning in accordance with Vedic traditions.

Greh Pravesh Puja Kit Includes

Aarti Sangrah
Haldi (p)
Haldi Ganth
Hawan Samagri - 250 gram
Kamal Gatta
Lal Kapda
Laung Ilachi
Panchpatr aachmani
Ganesh Poster
Navgrah samidha
Peeli Sarso
Pooja Batti
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