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Pujahome Gangajal + Goumutra + Gulab Jal Combo Pack of 3(50 Ml Each)

Pujahome Gangajal + Goumutra + Gulab Jal Combo Pack of 3(50 Ml Each)

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Enhance your spiritual rituals with the divine essence of purity encapsulated in the Pujahome Gangajal + Goumutra + Gulab Jal Combo Pack of 3. Crafted meticulously to elevate your sacred ceremonies, each 50ml bottle contains the essence of sanctity derived from nature's bounty.

Gangajal: Harvested from the sacred river Ganges, Gangajal holds immense significance in Hindu traditions. It is believed to purify the mind, body, and soul, ensuring the sanctity of religious practices. With Pujahome Gangajal, experience the pristine essence of the holy waters, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your rituals.

Goumutra: Derived from the revered cow, Goumutra, or cow urine, holds a special place in Vedic scriptures for its purifying properties. Used in various rituals and ceremonies, it is believed to cleanse negative energies and bestow blessings upon the devotees. Pujahome Goumutra captures the essence of this divine elixir, fostering an environment of purity and auspiciousness.

Gulab Jal: Known for its enchanting fragrance and therapeutic properties, Gulab Jal, or rose water, is a symbol of love and devotion in many cultures. In Hinduism, it is offered to deities during prayers and rituals to invoke blessings and create a serene atmosphere. Pujahome Gulab Jal embodies the essence of fresh roses, imparting a sense of tranquility and reverence to your spiritual practices.

This meticulously curated combo pack combines the sacred elements of Gangajal, Goumutra, and Gulab Jal to enrich your puja experience. Whether performing daily rituals, conducting special ceremonies, or seeking spiritual solace, these divine elixirs serve as a conduit to connect with the divine and elevate your prayers to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Trio pack containing Gangajal, Goumutra, and Gulab Jal (50ml each)
  • Extracted from pure and natural sources
  • Enhances the sanctity and ambiance of religious rituals
  • Ideal for daily puja, ceremonies, and spiritual practices
  • Promotes positivity, purity, and spiritual well-being

Elevate your spiritual journey and infuse your rituals with divine energy using the Pujahome Gangajal + Goumutra + Gulab Jal Combo Pack of 3.

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