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Pujahome Premium Camphor Tablets | Kapoor (100 Gram x 2)

Pujahome Premium Camphor Tablets | Kapoor (100 Gram x 2)

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Introducing Pujahome Premium Camphor Tablets, a divine addition to your spiritual and wellness routine. Crafted with precision, our camphor tablets serve multiple purposes, from being an essential in your Puja rituals to a vital element for yoga, meditation, and even air purification.

Quality and Origin:
Our camphor tablets, also known as Kapoor or Kapooram, are sourced to provide you with the original and most potent form. They are made from high-grade Bhimseni Kapoor, ensuring you receive a product steeped in quality and tradition.

Multifaceted Use:
These versatile tablets are perfect not just for puja but also for various other spiritual activities. Use camphor for Puja, Aarti, and Havan to invite tranquility and divinity into your sacred space. Furthermore, our product is ideal as smokeless camphor for pooja, ensuring a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

Aromatherapy and Wellness:
Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience with our camphor tablets in your diffuser. The scent is not just divine but also purifies the air, making camphor for diffuser an excellent choice for meditation and yoga sessions.

Pure and Natural:
We prioritize your well-being and spiritual integrity, which is why our camphor tablets are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and safe experience.

  • Smokeless Experience: Our smokeless camphor for pooja offers a clean, undisturbed atmosphere, allowing for deeper concentration and a more fulfilling spiritual experience.
  • High-Quality Source: Made from original Bhimseni Kapoor, our camphor tablet provides an authentic and potent element essential for various rituals, including Kapoor for puja.
  • Versatile Application: Whether you're conducting an Aarti, a Havan, or simply meditating, these camphor tablets serve as a multipurpose tool that elevates your spiritual practices.
  • Air Purification: Beyond spiritual rituals, our camphor tablets act as a natural air purifier when used in a diffuser, enhancing your living space with its invigorating aroma.
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