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Brass Laddu Gopal Idol in Black Colour/Baby Krishna Bal Gopal Murti Size 0 No

Brass Laddu Gopal Idol in Black Colour/Baby Krishna Bal Gopal Murti Size 0 No

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 Enhance your  spiritual ambiance with the exquisite Brass Laddu Gopal Idol in Black Colour. This beautifully crafted Baby Krishna Bal Gopal Murti, in size 0 No, captures the divine essence of Lord Krishna in his playful and endearing child form. Ideal for personal worship, gifting, or as a charming addition to your decor, this idol radiates divine grace and serenity.

Artistic Craftsmanship

This Laddu Gopal idol is meticulously crafted from high-quality brass, ensuring durability and a timeless appeal. The black color adds a unique and elegant touch, making it stand out in any setting. The intricate detailing on the idol, from the expressive eyes to the delicate ornaments, reflects the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of the artisans. Each feature is carefully designed to bring out the charm and innocence of Baby Krishna, capturing his divine beauty and playful nature.

Spiritual Significance

Laddu Gopal, the child form of Lord Krishna, is worshipped across India and in many parts of the world. Devotees believe that having a Laddu Gopal idol at home brings joy, prosperity, and divine blessings. This idol represents the youthful and mischievous aspects of Lord Krishna, reminding devotees of his divine leelas (playful acts) and his loving presence. Worshipping Laddu Gopal is believed to invoke blessings of happiness, health, and spiritual growth.

Perfect Size and Design

The Brass Laddu Gopal Idol in Size 0 No is compact and lightweight, making it easy to place on your altar, shelf, or any desired spot in your home. Despite its small size, the idol is detailed and expressive, making it a captivating focal point. The idol's dimensions are perfectly balanced, ensuring it fits comfortably in various settings without overwhelming the space.

Versatile Decor Piece

Apart from its spiritual significance, this Laddu Gopal idol serves as a stunning decorative piece. Its elegant black color and brass material give it a sophisticated look that complements various decor styles, from traditional to contemporary. Whether placed in your living room, prayer room, or office, it adds a touch of divine elegance and tranquility to the environment.

Ideal Gift

The Brass Laddu Gopal Idol makes for a thoughtful and cherished gift for family, friends, and loved ones. It is perfect for occasions such as housewarmings, weddings, festivals, and birthdays. Gifting this idol is a way to share blessings and spread joy, making it a memorable and meaningful present.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the beauty of this brass idol is simple and hassle-free. Regular dusting with a soft cloth and occasional polishing will keep it shining and looking new. The durable brass material ensures that the idol remains in excellent condition for years, retaining its spiritual and aesthetic appeal.


Bring home the divine presence of Lord Krishna with the Brass Laddu Gopal Idol in Black Colour. This beautifully crafted Baby Krishna Bal Gopal Murti, in size 0 No, is a perfect blend of spirituality, artistry, and elegance. Whether for personal devotion, home decor, or gifting, this idol is a valuable addition that radiates grace, joy, and blessings.


  • Material: High-quality brass
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 0 No
  • Ideal for: Home decor, worship, gifting
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean and polish

Embrace the divine charm of Laddu Gopal and invite his blessings into your home with this exquisite brass idol.

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