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Pujahome Black Hakik Mala/Black Agate Mala (Size: 7mm, Beads: 108+1)

Pujahome Black Hakik Mala/Black Agate Mala (Size: 7mm, Beads: 108+1)

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Pujahome Black Hakik Mala is a splendid embodiment of tranquility and rejuvenation, offering a perfect harmony of spiritual significance and natural beauty. 

Known also as Black Agate Mala or Black Hakeek Mala, this exquisite mala is composed of 108+1 elegantly selected green agate beads, each measuring 7mm in diameter. The Black agate, revered for its soothing properties and connection to nature, makes this mala an excellent choice for individuals seeking to enhance their spiritual practice and invite harmony into their lives.

Crafted for versatility, the Pujahome Black Hakik Mala is ideal for various forms of meditation, including Japa meditation, and is also well-suited as a thoughtful and meaningful gift. The vibrant Black hues of the beads are not only visually striking but also symbolize growth, balance, and renewal. 

This mala can be gracefully worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet, seamlessly blending with any attire and serving as a constant reminder of one's commitment to personal growth and tranquility.

Each bead is strung on durable thread to ensure longevity, while the intricately designed tassel adds an element of traditional elegance. 

Whether used in daily meditation practices or as a symbol of peace throughout the day, the Pujahome Black Hakik Mala is a cherished tool for anyone looking to deepen their connection to their inner self and the natural world. 

  • Authentic Black Agate Beads: Comprising 108+1 premium quality, 7mm Black agate beads, celebrated for their harmonizing effects and vibrant, natural color.
  • Multipurpose Spiritual Accessory: Perfect for Japa meditation, prayer, or as a symbol of personal growth and balance, enhancing both spiritual and emotional well-being.
  • Stylish and Robust Design: Expertly crafted with strong threading for enduring use, and embellished with a classic tassel, making it suitable for both spiritual practices and as a fashionable accessory.
  • Emblem of Growth and Harmony: Black Hakik is known for its properties of promoting balance, growth, and emotional tranquility, making this mala a valuable addition to anyone’s spiritual toolkit.
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