2024 Vinayaka Chaturthi Dates

In the vibrant tapestry of Hindu festivals, Vinayaka Chaturthi shines as a beacon of devotion and celebration dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the beloved elephant-headed deity.

As we embark on the journey through the auspicious year of 2024, it becomes paramount to delve into the essence of Vinayaka Chaturthi and its significance in Hindu culture.

Join us as we explore the joyous occasion of Vinayaka Chaturthi and uncover the dates for observing this revered festival in 2024.

What is Vinayaka Chaturthi?

Vinayaka Chaturthi, also known as Ganesh Chaturthi, is a Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and reverence in honor of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the harbinger of auspicious beginnings.

It falls on the fourth day (Chaturthi) of the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha) in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada.

Devotees across the globe welcome elaborately crafted idols of Lord Ganesha into their homes and communities, adorning them with vibrant decorations and offering prayers and sweets with utmost devotion.

The festival culminates with the immersion of the idols in water bodies, symbolizing the departure of Lord Ganesha and the promise of his return the following year.

Vinayaka Chaturthi Dates 2024

Vinayaka Chaturthi Date Vinayaka Chaturthi Tithi Begins Ends
January 14, 2024, Sunday Vinayaka Chaturthi Pausha, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 07:59 ,AMJan 14 Ends - 04:59 ,AMJan 15
February 13, 2024, Tuesday Ganesha Jayanti Magha, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 05:44 ,PMFeb 12 Ends - 02:41 ,PMFeb 13
March 13, 2024, Wednesday Vinayaka Chaturthi Phalguna, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 04:03 ,AMMar 13 Ends - 01:25 ,AMMar 14
April 12, 2024, Friday Vinayaka Chaturthi Chaitra, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 03:03 ,PMApr 11 Ends - 01:11 ,PMApr 12
May 11, 2024, Saturday Vinayaka Chaturthi Vaishakha, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 02:50 ,AMMay 11 Ends - 02:03 ,AMMay 12
June 10, 2024, Monday Vinayaka Chaturthi Jyeshtha, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 03:44 ,PMJun 09 Ends - 04:14 ,PMJun 10
July 9, 2024, Tuesday Vinayaka Chaturthi Ashadha, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 06:08 ,AMJul 09 Ends - 07:51 ,AMJul 10
August 8, 2024, Thursday Vinayaka Chaturthi Shravana, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 10:05 ,PMAug 07 Ends - 12:36 ,AMAug 09
September 7, 2024, Saturday Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapada, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 03:01 ,PMSep 06 Ends - 05:37 ,PMSep 07
October 6, 2024, Sunday Vinayaka Chaturthi Ashwina, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 07:49 ,AMOct 06 Ends - 09:47 ,AMOct 07
November 5, 2024, Tuesday Vinayaka Chaturthi Kartika, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 11:24 ,PMNov 04 Ends - 12:16 ,AMNov 06
December 5, 2024, Thursday Vinayaka Chaturthi Margashirsha, Shukla Chaturthi Begins - 01:10 ,PMDec 04 Ends - 12:49 ,PMDec 05



As we immerse ourselves in the jubilant celebrations of Vinayaka Chaturthi in the year 2024, let us revel in the joyous fervor and spiritual significance of this auspicious occasion. May the presence of Lord Ganesha bless our homes and hearts with prosperity, wisdom, and harmony.

Let us honor the tradition of Vinayaka Chaturthi with sincerity and devotion, seeking the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha for success and fulfillment in all our endeavors.

As the echoes of devotional chants and festive fervor fill the air during Vinayaka Chaturthi in 2024, let us embrace the spirit of unity, love, and gratitude, rejoicing in the divine grace of Lord Ganesha.

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