7 Vastu Items for Home that Excite Positive Energy and Bring Good Luck

In the quest for creating harmonious living spaces, ancient Indian wisdom offers a guiding light through Vastu Shastra. This age-old architectural science focuses on the interplay between the natural elements and the human experience within a physical space.

The practice of Vastu Shastra goes beyond mere aesthetics; it seeks to enhance the positive energy flow and attract good luck into our homes. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Vastu items that can infuse your living spaces with positive vibrations and usher in an aura of good fortune.

By understanding and incorporating these Vastu-friendly elements, you’ll not only transform your home but also invite a sense of balance and prosperity into your life. So, let’s explore the key Vastu items that can turn your living space into a haven of positivity and luck.

The Basics of Vastu Shastra:

At the heart of Vastu Shastra lies a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between nature, the universe, and human beings. Derived from ancient texts, Vastu Shastra outlines principles that guide the design and layout of spaces to optimize the flow of energy and create a harmonious environment.

By harmonizing the five elements—earth, water, fire, air, and space—Vastu Shastra aims to enhance the well-being and prosperity of those inhabiting the space.

The Five Elements:

Vastu Shastra acknowledges the presence of five fundamental elements that constitute the universe. These elements—earth (Prithvi), water (Jal), fire (Agni), air (Vayu), and space (Akasha)—are believed to influence the energy within a space. Balancing these elements in specific ways can positively impact the occupants’ physical, mental, and emotional states.

Directional Alignments:

Directions play a crucial role in Vastu Shastra, as each direction is associated with specific energies. For instance, the north is associated with wealth and abundance, while the east symbolizes enlightenment and positivity. Aligning rooms and objects in accordance with these directions is believed to amplify the energies associated with them.

Energy Flow (Vastu Purusha Mandala):

The Vastu Purusha Mandala is a fundamental grid that dictates the positioning of rooms and objects within a structure. It is believed to represent the cosmic energy grid and influences the flow of energy within the space. Rooms and objects are positioned within this grid to harness positive energy and minimize negative influences.

Balancing Yin and Yang:

Just as in Chinese philosophy, Vastu Shastra also recognizes the importance of balancing opposing forces. The balance between masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies is crucial for maintaining harmony in a space. Achieving this balance through design, color, and arrangement can create a sense of equilibrium and positivity.

Nature’s Influence:

Vastu Shastra emphasizes the integration of nature into living spaces. Elements like sunlight, ventilation, and the use of natural materials are considered vital for promoting positive energy and well-being.

Vastu Items for Positive Energy and Good Luck:

A. The Entrance and Living Room:

The Vastu-friendly Entrance:

The entrance of your home is the gateway through which energy flows into your space. Keep it clutter-free and well-lit to allow positive energy to enter. Placing symbols of auspiciousness, such as the Swastika or Om, near the entrance can enhance the positive vibrations.


Mirrors have the power to amplify and reflect energy. Placing a mirror in a way that it reflects pleasant views or light can uplift the energy of your living room. Just ensure it doesn’t reflect negative corners or clutter.

B. The Kitchen:

Placement of Stove:

The placement of the stove is crucial as it symbolizes the source of wealth and nourishment. It’s recommended to position it in the southeast corner of the kitchen and ensure it’s not directly opposite the kitchen entrance.

Herbs and Plants:

Incorporate fresh herbs and plants in your kitchen. These not only add a touch of nature but also represent growth and abundance. Consider herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary for their positive energies.

C. The Bedroom:

Bed Placement:

For a restful sleep and positive energy, position your bed with the headrest towards the south or east. Avoid placing the bed under overhead beams, as they can create negative energy.

Colors and Decor:

Choose calming Vastu-approved colors for your bedroom, such as light pastels or earthy tones. Decorate with soothing artwork and avoid images that evoke negative emotions.

D. The Study or Home Office:

Directional Alignment:

Set up your study or home office in the north or east direction. This enhances concentration and creativity. Keep your desk clutter-free and organized for improved focus.

Organizational Tips:

Vastu recommends maintaining a clean and tidy workspace. Use storage solutions to keep clutter at bay, and ensure proper lighting to promote productivity.

E. The Worship Area:

Sacred Geometry:

Incorporate sacred geometry into your worship space, such as a Vastu Yantra or mandala. These geometric patterns are believed to attract positive cosmic energies.

Idols and Symbols:

Choose idols and symbols that hold personal significance and align with your beliefs. Ensure their placement follows Vastu guidelines to maintain a serene and spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

Tips for Implementing Vastu Items:

Incorporating Vastu-friendly elements into your home doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your space. With a few thoughtful adjustments, you can infuse positive energy and align with Vastu principles while maintaining your personal style.

Here are some practical tips for seamlessly integrating Vastu items into your existing décor:

Harmonize with Your Style:

While following Vastu guidelines, remember to stay true to your personal style. Choose items that resonate with you and blend well with your home’s overall aesthetic.

Start Small:

Begin by introducing one or two Vastu items in each area. This gradual approach allows you to assess their impact and make adjustments as needed.

Clutter-Free Zones:

Keep your living spaces clutter-free. Clear out items that no longer serve a purpose, as clutter can obstruct the flow of positive energy.

Natural Light and Ventilation:

Enhance the flow of positive energy by maximizing natural light and ventilation in your home. Open windows regularly to allow fresh air to circulate.

Balanced Arrangements:

Maintain a balanced arrangement of furniture and décor items. Symmetry and proportion are key principles in Vastu Shastra.

Elemental Harmony:

Incorporate the five elements subtly into each area. For example, use earthy colors and textures for the earth element, incorporate flowing water in a decorative fountain for the water element, and introduce elements like candles for fire.

Mindful Bed Placement:

If adjusting the bed’s position isn’t feasible, consider using a mirror or artwork that depicts open landscapes to counteract any negative energy caused by an unfavorable bed placement.

Mirrors Wisely:

While mirrors can bring positive energy, avoid placing them directly facing the bed or reflecting negative spaces like bathrooms.

Personalized Worship Space:

Create a serene and sacred worship space with items that hold personal significance to you. Regularly cleanse and energize this area to maintain its positive energy.

Regular Cleansing Rituals:

Cleanse your home regularly using rituals like smudging with sage or palo santo, ringing bells, or playing soothing music. This helps dispel negative energy and refresh the space.

Intentional Placement:

When placing Vastu items, do so with a clear intention. Consciously infuse each item with positive energy and visualize your desired outcomes.

Cleansing and Energizing Your Home:

Creating a harmonious and positive living environment isn’t a one-time effort; it requires regular maintenance and care. Cleansing and energizing your home are essential practices to ensure that the positive energy you’ve cultivated remains vibrant.

Here are effective techniques to keep your space energetically fresh:


Smudging involves burning sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to purify the energy in your home. As the smoke rises, visualize negative energy dissipating and being replaced by positive vibrations.

Sound Healing:

Use sound to cleanse and refresh your space. Ringing bells, playing Tibetan singing bowls, or even chanting mantras can help disperse stagnant energy and invite positivity.

Salt Cleansing:

Placing bowls of salt in different corners of your home can absorb negative energy. Replace the salt periodically to ensure its effectiveness.

Sunlight and Fresh Air:

Open windows to let in natural light and fresh air. Sunlight and a gentle breeze have the power to rejuvenate and revitalize the energy in your home.

Crystals and Gemstones:

Certain crystals and gemstones, like clear quartz, amethyst, and black tourmaline, are known for their cleansing and protective properties. Place them strategically around your home to absorb negativity.

Essential Oils:

Use essential oils like lavender, citrus, or frankincense to create a calming and cleansing atmosphere. Diffuse them or mix them with water for a natural room spray.

Music and Mantras:

Play soothing music or chant positive mantras to fill your space with uplifting vibrations. The power of sound can instantly transform the energy in a room.

Regular Decluttering:

Clutter can harbor stagnant energy. Regularly declutter and organize your spaces to maintain a free flow of energy.

Moonlight Cleansing:

During a full moon, place objects that need cleansing, like crystals or water, under the moonlight to recharge and purify them.

Positive Intentions:

Your intentions have a profound impact on the energy of your space. Regularly set positive intentions for your home, visualizing it as a sanctuary of positivity and well-being.

Mindful Cleaning:

Approach your cleaning routine with mindfulness. As you clean, imagine yourself clearing away not just physical dirt but also negative energy.

Spiritual Practices:

Engage in practices that align with your spiritual beliefs, such as meditation, prayers, or rituals, to infuse your home with divine energy.


Creating a home that resonates with positive energy and attracts good luck is a journey that combines ancient wisdom with mindful actions. In the realm of Vastu Shastra, the principles and items discussed in this blog post offer a blueprint for transforming your living spaces into havens of harmony and prosperity. By aligning with the five elements, embracing directional alignments, and harmonizing with nature, you can create an environment that nurtures your well-being on multiple levels. From the entrance to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the study, each area of your home holds the potential to radiate positivity.

By implementing Vastu-friendly practices like choosing the right bed placement, adorning spaces with sacred symbols, and optimizing the placement of mirrors, you can amplify the flow of energy and set the stage for good luck to manifest in your life. Remember, the incorporation of Vastu items doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your space. It’s about making intentional adjustments that align with your personal style while respecting the ancient principles of energy flow and balance.

With a clutter-free mindset, proper organization, and the infusion of nature’s elements, you can seamlessly integrate Vastu-friendly elements into your existing décor. To sustain the positive energy you’ve cultivated, regular cleansing and energizing rituals are essential. Whether through smudging, sound healing, or the use of crystals, these practices ensure that your home remains a sanctuary of positivity and renewal.

Your intentions and mindfulness play a pivotal role in this process, as you visualize and infuse each corner of your space with the energy you desire. In essence, Vastu Shastra invites you to co-create an environment that not only excites positive energy but also nurtures your dreams and aspirations.

By following the wisdom of Vastu and infusing your home with conscious intention, you can unlock the potential for continuous growth, well-being, and good luck in every aspect of your life. So, let your journey into the world of Vastu begin, and may your home become a beacon of positivity and prosperity.

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