Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Samagri List(पितृदोष निवारण पूजा सामग्री)

In the realm of Vedic astrology, Pitra Dosh is a significant concept that denotes the presence of ancestral debt. This karmic debt, often indicated by malefic planetary positions in one's horoscope, is believed to bring various obstacles and misfortunes in life.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is a powerful Vedic ritual aimed at appeasing the ancestors and alleviating the negative effects associated with this dosh.

This puja not only seeks to pacify the restless souls of ancestors but also aims to bring peace, prosperity, and positive energy into the lives of their descendants.

The ritual of Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is deeply rooted in ancient scriptures and involves a meticulous process that requires specific items (samagri) and precise steps (vidhi).

Performing this puja with utmost devotion and adherence to the prescribed methods can lead to immense benefits, including the resolution of familial issues, financial stability, and overall well-being.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Samagri List

सामग्री मात्रा
रोली 10 ग्राम
पीला सिंदूर 10 ग्राम
पीला अष्टगंध चंदन 10 ग्राम
लाल सिंदूर 10 ग्राम
हल्दी (पिसी) 50 ग्राम
सुपाड़ी (समूची बड़ी) 100 ग्राम
लौंग 10 ग्राम
इलायची 10 ग्राम
सर्वौषधि 1 डिब्बी
सप्तमृत्तिका 1 डिब्बी
पीली सरसों 50 ग्राम
जनेऊ 5 पीस
इत्र 1 शीशी
गरी का गोला (सूखा) 2 पीस
पानी वाला नारियल 1 पीस
जटादार सूखा नारियल 1 पीस
अक्षत (चावल) 1 किलो
धूपबत्ती 1 पैकेट
रुई की बत्ती (गोल / लंबी) 1-1 पै.
देशी घी 500 ग्राम
सरसों का तेल 500 ग्राम
कपूर 20 ग्राम
कलावा 3 पीस
कच्चा सूत 2 पीस
चुनरी (लाल / पीली) 1/1 पीस
बताशा 200 ग्राम
गंगाजल 1 शीशी
नवग्रह चावल 1 पैकेट
लाल वस्त्र 1 मी.
पीला वस्त्र 1 मी.
दोना (छोटा-बड़ा) 1-1 पीस
माचिस 1 पीस
आम की लकड़ी 2 किलो
नवग्रह समिधा 1 पैकेट
हवन सामग्री 500 ग्राम
तिल 100 ग्राम
जौ 100 ग्राम
जौ का आटा 500 ग्राम
गुड़ 100 ग्राम
कमलगट्टा 100 ग्राम
शहद 50 ग्राम
पंचमेवा 200 ग्राम
पंचरत्न व पंचधातु 1 डिब्बी
कंडी (गाय के गोबर से निर्मित) 5 पीस


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Samagri From Home

‘सामग्री’ ‘मात्रा’
मिष्ठान 500 ग्राम
पान के पत्ते (समूचे) 11 पीस
आम के पत्ते 2 डंठल
ऋतु फल 5 प्रकार के
दूब घास 50 ग्राम
फूल, हार (गुलाब) की 2 माला
फूल, हार (गेंदे) की 2 माला
गुलाब/गेंदा का खुला हुआ फूल 500 ग्राम
तुलसी की पत्ती 5 पीस
दूध 500 ग्राम
दही 200 ग्राम
अपने पूर्वजों की तस्वीर 1 पीस
आटा 100 ग्राम
चीनी 200 ग्राम
अखंड दीपक (ढक्कन समेत) 1 पीस
तांबे/पीतल का कलश (ढक्कन समेत) 1 पीस
थाली 2 पीस
लोटे 2 पीस
कटोरी 4 पीस
चम्मच 2 पीस
परात 1 पीस
कैंची/चाकू (लड़ी काटने हेतु) 1 पीस
जल (पूजन हेतु)
गाय का गोबर
बिछाने का आसन
पलाश का पत्तल 20 पीस
मिट्टी का कलश (बड़ा) 1 पीस
मिट्टी का प्याला 8 पीस
मिट्टी की दियाली 8 पीस
हवन कुण्ड 1 पीस


Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Vidhi (Procedure):


  • Begin by purifying yourself and the place of worship with Gangajal.
  • Sprinkle holy water in all directions while chanting purification mantras.


  • Arrange the samagri neatly on a clean cloth.
  • Place the Kalash filled with water, mango leaves, and a coconut at the center of the altar.


  • Light the incense sticks, dhoop, and ghee lamps.
  • Invoke Lord Ganesha by chanting Ganesh Mantras to remove obstacles.
  • Offer flowers, rice grains, and sandalwood paste to the idol or picture of Lord Ganesha.

Sankalp (Resolution):

  • Take a few drops of water in your right hand and resolve to perform the puja with the intention of pacifying the ancestors and mitigating the effects of Pitra Dosh.

Main Rituals:

  • Chant specific Pitra Dosh Nivaran mantras, invoking the blessings of the ancestors.
  • Offer panchamrit, flowers, and black sesame seeds to the sacred fire.
  • Perform the hawan (fire ritual) with the help of a priest, chanting the prescribed Vedic mantras.
  • Make offerings of ghee, dried fruits, and sweets into the fire while chanting the mantras.

Pitra Tarpan:

  • Perform the ritual of tarpan by offering water mixed with black sesame seeds, barley, and flowers to the ancestors.
  • Chant the tarpan mantras while making the offerings, seeking forgiveness and blessings from the ancestors.

Aarti and Prasad:

  • Conclude the puja with the Aarti, a devotional song sung in praise of the deities and ancestors.
  • Distribute prasad (sacred food) among family members and participants.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Benefits:

Ancestral Blessings:

  • Performing Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja brings the blessings of ancestors, leading to overall prosperity and peace in the family.

Resolution of Problems:

  • The ritual helps in mitigating the adverse effects of Pitra Dosh, resolving various problems such as financial difficulties, health issues, and relationship conflicts.

Spiritual Growth:

  • Engaging in this sacred ritual fosters spiritual growth, creating a sense of connection with the divine and the ancestors.

Removal of Obstacles:

  • The puja aids in removing obstacles from one's path, leading to smoother progress in personal and professional life.

Enhanced Positivity:

  • The positive energy generated through the puja purifies the environment, bringing about harmony and positivity in the household.

Health and Well-being:

  • The blessings received during the puja contribute to improved health and well-being of family members.

Fulfillment of Desires:

  • Sincere performance of the puja can lead to the fulfillment of desires and aspirations.


Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is a profound Vedic ritual that addresses the deep-rooted karmic debts passed down from ancestors. By performing this puja with devotion and precision, individuals can seek forgiveness from their forefathers and invite their blessings into their lives.

The meticulous process of the puja, involving specific samagri and vidhi, ensures that the ritual is conducted in accordance with ancient traditions, thereby maximizing its efficacy.

The benefits of this puja extend beyond material gains, fostering spiritual growth, and bringing about a harmonious balance in life.

As we honor our ancestors through this sacred practice, we not only alleviate the burdens of Pitra Dosh but also pave the way for a prosperous and fulfilling future for ourselves and our descendants.

Thus, embracing this ancient wisdom with reverence and faith can transform our lives, filling them with divine grace and ancestral blessings.

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