Kartikeya Aarti(कार्तिकेय आरती) In Hindi and English

Kartikeya, also known as Murugan, Skanda, and Subramanya, is a revered deity in Hindu mythology. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and the brother of Lord Ganesha.

Kartikeya is often depicted as a divine warrior, symbolizing bravery, wisdom, and youth. Devotees worship him to seek his blessings for courage, strength, and protection from evil.

One of the most popular devotional practices is the recitation of the Kartikeya Aarti, a sacred hymn sung in his honor. This aarti is a way for devotees to express their reverence and devotion, inviting divine blessings into their lives.

कार्तिकेय आरती हिंदी में

जय जय आरती वेणु गोपाला
वेणु गोपाला वेणु लोला
पाप विदुरा नवनीत चोरा
जय जय आरती वेंकटरमणा
वेंकटरमणा संकटहरणा
सीता राम राधे श्याम

जय जय आरती गौरी मनोहर
गौरी मनोहर भवानी शंकर
सदाशिव उमा महेश्वर

जय जय आरती राज राजेश्वरि
राज राजेश्वरि त्रिपुरसुन्दरि

महा सरस्वती महा लक्ष्मी
महा काली महा लक्ष्मी

जय जय आरती आन्जनेय
आन्जनेय हनुमन्ता

जय जय आरति दत्तात्रेय
दत्तात्रेय त्रिमुर्ति अवतार

जय जय आरती सिद्धि विनायक
सिद्धि विनायक श्री गणेश

जय जय आरती सुब्रह्मण्य
सुब्रह्मण्य कार्तिकेय

Kartikeya Aarti In English 

Jai Jai Aarti Venu Gopala
Venu Gopala Venu Lola
Paap Vidura Navneet Chora
Jai Jai Aarti Venkatramana
Venkatramana Sankatharana
Sita Ram Radhe Shyam

Jai Jai Aarti Gauri Manohar
Gauri Manohar Bhawani Shankar
Sadashiv Uma Maheshwar

Jai Jai Aarti Raaj Raajeshwari
Raaj Raajeshwari Tripurasundari

Maha Saraswati Maha Lakshmi
Maha Kaali Maha Lakshmi

Jai Jai Aarti Aanjaney
Aanjaney Hanumanta

Jai Jai Aarati Dattatrey
Dattatrey Trimurti Avtar

Jai Jai Aarti Siddhi Vinayak
Siddhi Vinayak Shri Ganesh

Jai Jai Aarti Subrahmany
Subrahmany Kartikey

Why Chant Kartikeya Aarti

The chanting of the Kartikeya Aarti holds profound spiritual significance and offers numerous benefits to the devotees. Firstly, it serves as a medium to invoke the blessings of Kartikeya, who is believed to provide strength and valor.

For those facing challenges or conflicts, whether internal or external, the aarti is a source of divine intervention and support.

Kartikeya, known for his role as a commander of the celestial army, is seen as a deity who empowers his followers to overcome adversities with courage and determination.

The aarti also acts as a bridge to connect with divine energies, promoting mental peace and clarity. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, many individuals struggle with stress and anxiety.

Chanting the Kartikeya Aarti can have a calming effect, helping to focus the mind and alleviate mental strain. It fosters a sense of inner peace and balance, which is essential for personal growth and well-being.

Furthermore, the Kartikeya Aarti is an expression of gratitude and devotion. By singing his praises, devotees acknowledge the divine grace in their lives and cultivate a sense of humility.

This practice helps in nurturing a devotional heart, which is crucial for spiritual growth. Regular recitation of the aarti instills discipline and devotion, reinforcing the spiritual connection with Kartikeya.

The aarti is also believed to remove obstacles and bring success. Kartikeya is often depicted holding a spear, symbolizing his ability to pierce through challenges and dispel negativity.

By chanting his aarti, devotees seek his divine intervention in removing hurdles from their path, whether they are in the form of personal difficulties, professional setbacks, or spiritual blockages.


In conclusion, the Kartikeya Aarti is more than just a devotional song; it is a powerful spiritual practice that brings numerous benefits to its chanters. It offers strength and protection, mental peace, and clarity, and fosters a deep sense of devotion and gratitude.

For devotees, chanting the Kartikeya Aarti is a way to invite divine energy into their lives, seeking the blessings of Kartikeya for courage, wisdom, and success. As they sing the praises of this divine warrior, they not only honor him but also empower themselves to face life's challenges with grace and determination.

The practice of reciting the Kartikeya Aarti holds timeless relevance. In today’s world, where stress and challenges are rampant, turning to such devotional practices can provide a sanctuary of peace and strength.

It reminds devotees of the divine presence and guidance available to them, encouraging a life of faith, resilience, and spiritual fulfillment. Whether one is seeking protection, overcoming obstacles, or simply expressing devotion, the Kartikeya Aarti serves as a powerful conduit to connect with the divine and harness the blessings of Kartikeya.

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