Aarti Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji(आरती: भगवान श्री शीतलनाथ जी) In Hindi And English

Arti, a significant ritual in various Indian religions, holds a special place in Jainism, especially when dedicated to revered Tirthankaras like Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji.

This devotional ceremony involves the offering of light through lamps or candles, symbolizing the removal of ignorance and the illumination of knowledge and truth.

Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji, the tenth Tirthankara in Jainism, is deeply venerated for his teachings on non-violence, truth, and righteousness.

Born to King Dradhrath and Queen Sunanda in the ancient city of Bhadrikapuri, his life and spiritual journey continue to inspire millions of Jains worldwide.

Arti Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji is not merely a ritual; it is a profound expression of devotion and reverence. During the Arti, devotees sing hymns and prayers, creating an atmosphere of sanctity and spirituality.

The sound of bells, the fragrance of incense, and the glow of lamps together elevate the soul, fostering a deep connection with the divine. This practice transcends mere tradition, embodying the core principles of Jain philosophy—self-discipline, non-attachment, and the pursuit of spiritual purity.

The significance of this Arti lies in its ability to bring together the community, reinforcing a collective identity and shared values.

It serves as a reminder of Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji's teachings and the timeless wisdom he imparted.

By engaging in this ritual, devotees reaffirm their commitment to leading a life of virtue and compassion, aligned with the path shown by their Tirthankara.

आरती: भगवान श्री शीतलनाथ जी हिंदी में

ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी,
स्वामी जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी।
घृत दीपक से करू आरती,
घृत दीपक से करू आरती।
तुम अंतरयामी,
ॐ जयशीतलनाथ स्वामी॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥
भदिदलपुर में जनम लिया प्रभु,
दृढरथ पितु नामी,
दृढरथ पितु नामी।
मात सुनन्दा के नन्दा तुम,
शिवपथ के स्वामी॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥

जन्म समय इन्द्रो ने,
उत्सव खूब किया,
स्वामी उत्सव खूबकिया ।
मेरु सुदर्शन ऊपर,
अभिषेक खूब किया॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥

पंच कल्याणक अधिपति,
होते तीर्थंकर,
स्वामी होते तीर्थंकर ।
तुम दसवे तीर्थंकर स्वामी,
हो प्रभु क्षेमंकर॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥

अपने पूजक निन्दक केप्रति,
तुम हो वैरागी,
स्वामी तुम हो वैरागी ।
केवल चित्त पवित्र करन नित,
तुमपूजे रागी॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥

पाप प्रणाशक सुखकारक,
तेरे वचन प्रभो,
स्वामी तेरे वचन प्रभो।
आत्मा को शीतलता शाश्वत,
दे तब कथन विभो॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥

जिनवर प्रतिमा जिनवर जैसी,
हम यह मान रहे,
स्वामी हम यह मान रहे।
प्रभो चंदानामती तब आरती,
भाव दुःख हान करें॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥

ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी,
स्वामी जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी।
घृत दीपक से करू आरती,
घृत दीपक से करू आरती।
तुम अंतरयामी,
ॐ जयशीतलनाथ स्वामी॥
॥ ॐ जय शीतलनाथ स्वामी...॥

Arti Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji

Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami,
Swami Jay Sheetalnath Swami ।
Ghrit Deepak Se Karu Aarti,
Ghrit Deepak Se Karu Aarti ।
Aap Antaryami,
Om Jaysheetalnath Swami ॥
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami … ॥
Bhadidalpur Mein Janam Liya Prabhu,
Dridhrath Pitu Nami,
Dridhrath Pitu Nami ।
Mata Sunanda Ke Nanda Tum,
Shivpath Ke Swami ॥
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami … ॥

Janm Samay Indro Ne,
Utsav Khub Kiya,
Swami Utsav Khubkiya ।
Meru Sudarshan Upar,
Abhishek Khub Kiya ॥
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami… ॥

Panch Kalyanak Adhipati,
Hote Tirthankar,
Swami Hote Tirthankar ।
Tum Dasave Tirthankar Swami,
Ho Prabhu Kshemankar ॥
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami… ॥

Apne Pujak Nindak Keprati,
Tum Ho Vairagi,
Swami Tum Ho Vairagi ।
Kewal Chitt Pavitr Karan Nit,
Tumapuje Ragi.
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami… ॥

Pap Pranashak Sukhkarak,
Tere Vachan Prabho,
Swami Tere Vachan Prabho ।
Atma Ko Shitalata Shashwat,
De Tab Kathan Vibho ॥
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami… ॥

Jinvar Pratima Jinvar Jaisi,
Ham Yah Maan Rahe,
Swami Ham Yah Maan Rahe ।
Prabho Chandanmati Tab Aarti,
Bhav Duhkh Han Karain ॥
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami… ॥

Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami,
Swami Jay Sheetalnath Swami.
Ghrit Deepak Se Karu Aarti,
Ghrit Deepak Se Karu Aarti ।
Tum Antarayami,
Om Jaysheetalnath Swami ॥
॥ Om Jay Sheetalnath Swami… ॥


The Arti of Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji is a sublime manifestation of devotion, deeply rooted in the spiritual and cultural fabric of Jainism.

This sacred ritual encapsulates the essence of Jain teachings, offering a moment of introspection and connection with the divine. As the flames of the lamps flicker, they symbolize the burning away of worldly attachments and the illumination of the soul with purity and wisdom.

Through this ritual, devotees not only pay homage to their revered Tirthankara but also embrace his teachings of non-violence, truth, and moral integrity.

In today's fast-paced world, the Arti serves as a sanctuary, providing a space for spiritual reflection and community bonding.

It reinforces the values of compassion and self-discipline, encouraging individuals to lead a life in harmony with the principles of Jainism.

The collective recitation of hymns and prayers during the Arti fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among the devotees, transcending individual differences and bringing them closer to the universal truths espoused by Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath Ji.

Engaging in the Arti is a reaffirmation of faith, a commitment to living a righteous life, and a celebration of the timeless wisdom of the Jain tradition.

It is a ritual that not only honors the past but also inspires the present and future generations to follow the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Through the light of the Arti, devotees find solace, strength, and a deeper understanding of their place in the cosmos, guided by the eternal teachings of their Tirthankara.

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