Aarti Shri Yugal Kishore K (आरती युगलकिशोर की कीजै) In Hindi and English

Aarti is a Hindu religious ritual of worship, a part of puja, in which light from wicks soaked in ghee (purified butter) or camphor is offered to one or more deities.

One of the significant Aartis in the Vaishnavite tradition is the "Aarti Shri Yugal Kishore Ki Keejai" (आरती युगलकिशोर की कीजै).

This particular Aarti is dedicated to the divine couple, Radha and Krishna, who are revered as the epitome of eternal love and devotion.

Radha and Krishna, collectively known as Yugal Kishore, represent the union of the soul with the divine, symbolizing a perfect balance of love, devotion, and harmony.

आरती युगलकिशोर की कीजै हिंदी में

आरती युगलकिशोर की कीजै ।
तन मन धन न्योछावर कीजै ॥
गौरश्याम मुख निरखन लीजै ।
हरि का रूप नयन भरि पीजै ॥

रवि शशि कोटि बदन की शोभा ।
ताहि निरखि मेरो मन लोभा ॥

ओढ़े नील पीत पट सारी ।
कुंजबिहारी गिरिवरधारी ॥

फूलन सेज फूल की माला ।
रत्न सिंहासन बैठे नंदलाला ॥

कंचन थार कपूर की बाती ।
हरि आए निर्मल भई छाती ॥

श्री पुरुषोत्तम गिरिवरधारी ।
आरती करें सकल नर नारी ॥

नंदनंदन बृजभान किशोरी ।
परमानंद स्वामी अविचल जोरी ॥

Aarti Shri Yugal Kishore ki Keejai In English

Aarti Yugalkishor Ki Kijiye।
Tan Man Dhan Nayochawar Kijiye॥
Gorshyam Mukh Nirkhan Lijiye।
Hari Ka Rup Nayan Bhari Pijiye॥

Ravi Shashi Koti Badan Ki Shobha।
Tahi Nirkhi Mero Mann Lobha॥

Odhe Neel Peet Pat Sari।
Kunjbihari Girivardhari॥

Fulan Sej Phul Ki Mala।
Ratan Singhasan Baatai Nandlal॥

Kanchan Thar Kapoor Ki Baati।
Hari Aae Nirmal Bhai Chati॥

Sri Purushotam Girivardhari।
Aarti Kare Sakal Nar Nari॥

Nandnandan Brijbhan Kishori।
Parmanand Sawami Avichal Jori॥

Why Chant "Aarti Shri Yugal Kishore Ki Keejai"?

  • Expression of Devotion: Chanting this Aarti is a profound expression of devotion towards Radha and Krishna. It is a way for devotees to communicate their love, gratitude, and reverence for the divine couple. Through the rhythmic chanting and the offering of light, devotees seek to establish a deeper connection with Radha and Krishna, who are considered the ultimate embodiment of divine love.
  • Spiritual Upliftment: Engaging in the Aarti Shri Yugal Kishore Ki Keejai is believed to bring spiritual upliftment. The act of performing Aarti, coupled with the sacred chants, creates an atmosphere of spiritual sanctity. This not only purifies the surroundings but also elevates the mind and soul of the devotees, helping them transcend worldly worries and attain a state of inner peace.
  • Cultural and Religious Significance: This Aarti holds a significant place in the cultural and religious practices of Hindus, especially those who follow the Vaishnavite tradition. It is often performed during festivals like Janmashtami (the birth of Lord Krishna) and Radhashtami (the birth of Radha). By chanting this Aarti, devotees honor the cultural heritage and perpetuate the age-old traditions associated with the worship of Radha and Krishna.
  • Inspiration for Moral Values: The divine love story of Radha and Krishna is not just a mythological narrative but a source of inspiration for inculcating moral values. Their relationship exemplifies unconditional love, sacrifice, and devotion. Chanting this Aarti serves as a reminder to uphold these values in our own lives, fostering a sense of compassion, humility, and selfless love among individuals.
  • Healing and Positivity: It is believed that the vibrations created by chanting the Aarti have a healing effect on both the physical and mental well-being of individuals. The melodious tunes and the repetition of divine names generate positive energy, dispelling negativity and bringing about a sense of calm and tranquility. This therapeutic aspect of the Aarti makes it a vital practice for many devotees seeking solace and healing.


"Aarti Shri Yugal Kishore Ki Keejai" is more than a ritualistic chant; it is a spiritual practice that enriches the lives of devotees in multiple ways.

By performing this Aarti, devotees immerse themselves in the divine love of Radha and Krishna, seeking to emulate their pure and selfless love in their own lives.

The Aarti serves as a conduit for expressing devotion, achieving spiritual upliftment, honoring cultural traditions, and fostering moral values.

Moreover, the positive vibrations and the serene atmosphere created by this sacred chant contribute to the overall well-being of the devotees, offering them a sanctuary of peace and positivity in a chaotic world.

Thus, chanting "Aarti Shri Yugal Kishore Ki Keejai" holds immense significance for those who seek a deeper connection with the divine and aspire to lead a life enriched with love, devotion, and spiritual fulfillment.

It is a timeless practice that continues to inspire and elevate the soul, guiding devotees on their spiritual journey towards the divine embrace of Radha and Krishna.

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