Aarti: Shri Bal Krishna Ki(आरती: श्री बाल कृष्ण जी) In Hindi and English

Aarti is a devotional song sung in praise of deities during Hindu worship rituals. Among the many deities revered in Hinduism, Lord Krishna holds a special place in the hearts of devotees, particularly in his child form, known as Bal Krishna.

"Aarti: Shri Bal Krishna Ji" is an aarti dedicated to this playful and divine child form of Krishna.

This form symbolizes innocence, joy, and the divine playfulness that Lord Krishna exhibited during his childhood in Vrindavan.

The aarti is not just a song but a spiritual practice that invokes the divine presence of Bal Krishna and seeks his blessings.

आरती: श्री बाल कृष्ण जी हिंदी में

आरती बाल कृष्ण की कीजै,
अपना जन्म सफल कर लीजै ॥

श्री यशोदा का परम दुलारा,
बाबा के अँखियन का तारा ।
गोपियन के प्राणन से प्यारा,
इन पर प्राण न्योछावर कीजै ॥
॥आरती बाल कृष्ण की कीजै...॥

बलदाऊ के छोटे भैया,
कनुआ कहि कहि बोले मैया ।
परम मुदित मन लेत बलैया,
अपना सरबस इनको दीजै ॥
॥आरती बाल कृष्ण की कीजै...॥

श्री राधावर कृष्ण कन्हैया,
ब्रज जन को नवनीत खवैया ।
देखत ही मन लेत चुरैया,
यह छवि नैनन में भरि लीजै ॥
॥आरती बाल कृष्ण की कीजै...॥

तोतली बोलन मधुर सुहावै,
सखन संग खेलत सुख पावै ।
सोई सुक्ति जो इनको ध्यावे,
अब इनको अपना करि लीजै ॥
॥आरती बाल कृष्ण की कीजै...॥

आरती बाल कृष्ण की कीजै,
अपना जन्म सफल कर लीजै ॥

Aarti: Shri Bal Krishna Ki Keejen in English

Aarti Bal Krishna Ki Keeje,
Apna Janam Safal Kar Leejen ॥
Shri Yashoda Ka Param Dulara,
Baba Ke Ankhiyan Ka Tara।
Gopiyan Ke Pranan Se Pyara,
In Pe Pran Nyochavar Keeje॥
॥ Aarti Bal Krishna Ki Keeje...॥

Baldau Ke Chote Bhaiya,
Kanua Kahi Kahi Bole Maiya।
Param Mudit Man Let Balaiya,
Ye Chavi Nainan Mein Bhar Leeje॥
॥ Aarti Bal Krishna Ki Keeje...॥

Shri Radhavar Kunwar Kanahiya,
Braj Jan Ko Navneet Khavaiya।
Dekhat Hi Man Lait Churaiya,
Apno Sarvas Inko Deeje॥
॥ Aarti Bal Krishna Ki Keeje...॥

Totali Bolan Madhur Suhave,
Sakhan Sang Khelat Sukh Pave।
Soi Sukati Jo Inko Dhyave,
Ab Inko Apna Kar Leejen॥
॥ Aarti Bal Krishna Ki Keeje...॥

Aarti Bal Krishna Ki Keeje,
Apna Janam Safal Kar Leejen॥

Why Chant "Aarti: Shri Bal Krishna Ji"?

  • Divine Connection and Blessings: Chanting the aarti creates a spiritual atmosphere and helps devotees connect with Bal Krishna on a deeper level. It is believed that singing the aarti with devotion and sincerity brings the divine blessings of Lord Krishna, filling one's life with joy and removing obstacles.
  • Inspiration from Divine Playfulness: Bal Krishna is renowned for his playful and mischievous deeds. Chanting his aarti reminds devotees of the innocence and pure joy that characterized his childhood. This can inspire individuals to embrace life's challenges with a lighter heart and a playful spirit, much like Krishna did.
  • Cultural and Spiritual Tradition: The practice of performing aarti has been a significant part of Hindu worship for centuries. It is an act of offering light (usually from a lamp or candle) to the deity, symbolizing the removal of darkness and ignorance. Chanting "Aarti: Shri Bal Krishna Ji" is a way of continuing this rich cultural and spiritual tradition, thereby maintaining a connection with one's heritage.
  • Emotional and Mental Peace: The melodies and lyrics of the aarti are designed to be soothing and uplifting. Chanting or listening to the aarti can bring a sense of peace and calm to the mind and heart. It serves as a form of meditation that helps in reducing stress and anxiety, providing emotional and mental tranquility.
  • Community and Togetherness: Singing the aarti in a group setting, such as in a temple or during festivals like Janmashtami, fosters a sense of community and togetherness. It brings people together, reinforcing social bonds and shared spiritual beliefs.


"Aarti: Shri Bal Krishna Ji" is more than just a hymn; it is a spiritual experience that encapsulates the essence of devotion, joy, and divine love.

Chanting this aarti allows devotees to immerse themselves in the playful and loving nature of Bal Krishna, seeking his blessings and guidance.

The aarti serves as a reminder of the virtues of innocence, joy, and the divine play that Bal Krishna epitomizes. It is a powerful tool for spiritual connection, cultural preservation, and personal tranquility.

By engaging in this sacred practice, devotees not only honor the divine child Krishna but also nurture their own spiritual growth.

The act of singing the aarti brings light into the hearts of those who participate, dispelling the darkness of ignorance and filling their lives with divine joy and wisdom.

Whether performed individually or as part of a community gathering, "Aarti: Shri Bal Krishna Ji" holds a special place in Hindu worship and continues to inspire and uplift the hearts of countless devotees.

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